Lost Angels: Skid Row Is My Home

Lost Angels: Skid Row Is My Home, a film by Thomas Napper

Narrated by Catherine Keener, this film takes takes us first hand to the less than 5 square mile radius of a neighborhood in Downtown Los Angeles called Skid Row. While there are no official defined boundaries, Skid Row is generally used to refer to the area east of San Pedro Street, south of Third Street, west of Central Avenue, and north of Seventh Street. Skid Row contains one of the largest homeless populations in the United States. For those of you Angelenos, this is here in our city.

This film is told from the perspective of those who have made Skid Row a place they call home, or in some cases, a place they found solace until continuing their journey through life.

Danny leads us through his path to sobriety while living on the streets of Skid Row. OG engages us with his vibrant mission to “Keep Skid Row Clean” along with maintaing his 3 on 3 basketball league. We follow Linda while she cooks meal after meal for her neighbors and friends while making it her mission to put her health first. General Dogon fearlessly continues to advocate for the homeless after his return to Skid Row, determined to right all of his wrongs.

Sadly, this film isn’t all happy tears. There has been a war on the poor for quite sometime and director Thomas Napper through images of Downtown Los Angeles, as well as in depth interviews, depicts what life is really like for those living on Skid Row.

I recommend seeing Lost Angels, as we all need to be reminded that everyone calls somewhere home.

“It’s going to take us all coming together to do something about it.”

-General Dogon


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