The Invisible War

The Invisible War, a film by Kirby Dick

“Shocking”. “Haunting”. “Heartbreaking”. “Exceptional”. “Unforgettable”. I would add to that list and say, courageous, brave, and strong. This film interviews veterans from different branches of the United States Armed Forces as they recount their sexual assaults while serving in the Armed Forces.

Every person’s story starts the same, the want and desire to be a part of something so great, with the belief that the Armed Forces stands for honor and trust. When that bond of trust is violated all of those idealisms of family and security are not only deflated, they are crushed.

We grow up thinking that the men and women protecting and fighting for our country could never do wrong, but during this film we learn that so many in our Armed Forces have escaped justice. The voice of this film is that of those who were assaulted and who have bravely told their stories.

Through interviews with those that were assaulted as well as members of Congress and various military personnel you will not only be shocked but horrified by the invisible war that has been underway for so many years. This isn’t an easy film to watch, but it is a very important film to watch. I recommend everyone seeing this in support of the invisible turing into the visible.

“Maybe there should be a [purple] ribbon for women who have survived it [the military]”.

– Kori Cioca, US Coast Guard 




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