Chasing Ice

Chasing Ice, a film by Jeff Orlowski


Imagine holding in your hand the evidence of ancient mountains of ice disappearing in front of a cameras eyes. What would you do with that evidence? At what lengths would you go to get it?

Since deciding to become a nature photojournalist, James Balog has practiced and viewed photography as an outlet for creating awareness for many decades. In 2007, he initiated what’s know as the Extreme Ice Survey (EIS). With over 43 time-lapse cameras world wide, taking photographs year round, this project has been a true guide to providing a visual baseline for demonstrating the effects of climate change. The idea is “an innovative, long-term photography project that merges art and science to give a ‘visual voice’ to the planet’s changing ecosystems”.

Balog and his team take us on their journey as they set up cameras in places like Iceland, Greenland and Alaska. We are along for an extreme EIS ride. The still photographs as well as the time-lapses created from this work are not only breathtakingly beautiful, but are pieces of evidence of nature changing.

Between the music, the images, and the determination of one man to change the world, this film challenges us to ask ourselves what we will do with the evidence Balog has captured.

“We have an opportunity to face the greatest challenge of our generation. In fact, of our century.”

– James Balog 


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