I Am

I Am, a film by Tom Shadyac


“We are, because we belong” is how Desmond Tutu describes the truth about who we are as humans, while being interviewed by director Tom Shadyac. After suffering from post-concussion syndrome, Shadyac reflects on his life and his own unique purpose as well as society’s purpose in the world we live in. He conducts interviews with scientists, religious leaders, environmentalists, and philosophers hoping to help him answer two main questions. What’s Wrong With the World? and What Can We Do About it?

As someone who has asked these questions daily for over a decade and never really done anything to answer them, I was overjoyed to take this hard hitting journey with him.

It is hard to put into one word, or even one sentence what Shadyac discovers as “what’s wrong with the world”, but it is easy to put in to words what the answer to “what can we do about it” is. Change can come, through critical thinking and then taking action. Oh, and love is a powerful thing.

I am one who is easily moved by the “feel good” and “power of one” movies, and the Gandhi quotes as email signatures, but this film goes in to scientific concepts detailing human and animal nature. I knew there had to be something more about this film as Shadyac was coming off of directing films like Ace Ventura and The Nutty Professor. He asked the hard questions and got the hard facts; there is a universal unity.

This isn’t a creation vs. evolution debate, this is a film about the mystery and the magic of the human heart.

Watch and learn.

“There is only one way of eating an elephant, a piece at a time”.

– Desmond Tutu


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