Stevie, a film by Steve James 


I think one of the most powerful scenes in this film is when Stevie, the main character, is re-united with one set of his foster parents. During their meet up, Hal says to him, “It’s going to work out…It always does…Just always doesn’t work out like we want it to”. I feel like that statement could be used to describe the through line of this film.

Director Steve James decided to reconnect with Stevie Fielding, who he had mentored as a Big Brother, 10 years earlier. When James enters Stevie’s life again 1995, it was evident this wasn’t going to be an uplifting reunion.

James has such an eloquent and gentle way of taking us through Stevie’s past as well as the trouble he had gotten himself in to during the time the film was being made. This film is heavy and raw. I commend the honesty of those who participated in the making of the film. Their participation encouraged me to want to know more about why these horrible crimes are committed. James’ brilliant use of cinéma vérité captivated me as a viewer. I learned a lot about the craft of documentary filmmaking while watching this film. Thank you Steve James for your strong work.

This film changed Stevie’s life, whether it was for the good or the bad. Things worked out, but not necessarily how everyone close to Stevie wanted them to.


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