Searching for Sugar Man

Searching for Sugar Man, a film by Malik Bendjelloul


This true story is a filmmakers dream. This film is a dream that became a true story to tell.

Director Malik Bendjelloul was given a gift when he came across this story in South Africa back in 2006. It was what he did with that gift that was life changing for Rodriguez, those close to him and to the story, and all his past and future fans.

Bendjelloul crafts the beautiful and almost unbelievable tale of how a wildly talented and almost forgotten singer-songwritter is unearthed after decades of obscurity in this outstanding documentary. Thanks to two South African “super fans” and their dedication to finding out who Sixto Rodriguez really was, Bendjelloul was able to discover this story.

Bendjelloul recalls spending “every single cent and every single second of my life for four years to make this film”. Similarly, Rodriquez is compared by one of his bosses to a silk worm, in that he took raw materials and transformed them into something that wasn’t there before. Something beautiful and transcendent.

Both the artist and the filmmaker created something that represents possibility and triumph through the human spirit.

“Just because people are poor, or have little, doesn’t mean that their dreams aren’t big and their soul isn’t rich…” 

– Eva Rodriguez (oldest daughter) 


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