Gasland, a film by Josh Fox

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Starting in 2008, Fox takes a relentless journey exploring and documenting the affects of natural gas drilling throughout the West. He met  with numerous residents who have been affected by Gaslands across Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Texas. Those he spoke with have experienced a variety of chronic health problems directly traceable to contamination of their air, water wells, or of surface water.

During his cross-country odyssey, Fox visits drilling sites, did water analysist tests, spoke with scientists, and uncovered a trail of secrets, lies, and contamination. When Fox meets with the Pennsylavania Department of Environmental Protection, bringing with him contaminated tap water samples from all across the country, the Secretary’s response was, “There’s no such thing as a perfect source of energy”.

I admire Fox’s perserverence and fearlessness when making this film. He has helped bring contaiminated water to the surface. The proof is in the pudding.

“If your word ain’t no good…then you ain’t no good”.

-Resident Lewis Meeks